Your Lessons

In my lessons you practise mental startegies to improve balance and movement. My priority is to help you laern it quickly by making lessons practical and related to your everyday activities.

I teach with gentle hands-on contact which gives me feedback and enables me to fine-tune my verbal guidance and advice. I practise from my home in South Hampstead; it is 3  minutes from the Jubilee and Metroplitan lines, 23 minutes from Bond Street.

My lessons last 40 minutes. Students wear ordinary comfortable clothes. A basic course is 20 – 25 lessons. You may decide upon fewer if you prefer but most people like to have 20 either to consolidate the skills they have learnt which have removed pain or because although pain rarely recurs and can be managed, improvements are manifestly still happening. Lessons can be refreshing and relaxing, rather like the effect of having a massage; they can also be satisfyingly tiring like a well designed workout. This is because muscles have been working through changes in tension -  both deep muscles and large muscles throughout the body.

Being taught in groups can also be fun, especially for introductory courses and if the participants share the same profession or job. I have done this on residential workshops and in companies, with good effect