Specialist Training in Applications of the AT

Apart from various day long workshops each year as part of continuing professional development I have attended several week-long residentials and 1 two-week residential to in natural eye work (Bates) and the Alexander Technique with Peter Grunwald; also Illana Machover’s Doula training.

My competitive sports as a teen were swimming and diving. So when Stephen Shaw started treaching his method of teaching swimming using the AT (I briefly worked with him) I took the ASA Teacher and Coach qualification and for a while taught swimming using the Alexander Technique.

Most recently becoming curious to learn to sense deeper rhythms in the body through my hands, I qualified in cranial-sacral oesteopathy after a two year course with Michael Kern. I rarely practise as a therapist but the effect of giving over 150 sessions as a student has broadened my understanding of how the body works and has informed my understanding of therapeutic touch.

Using the Technique also  allowed me to avoid being saddle sore on cycling holidays both in Cuba and in South India and I’ve taught the AT to cyclists.