Hello. The Alexander Technique is one of the best self-help methods I know. In my view practising the Alexander Technique is an application of mindfulness; no sweaty repetitative exercises, no need to go anywhere special to do it – just bring it into your everyday life.

The skills you learn are with you for life. These are partly how to be mindful and partly the very specific focusses of a technique developed to enhance balance, ease and freedom of movement. It’s based on an understanding of how vertebrates move, with the head leading  and the neck relaxed. And then applying this to movement, both everyday and high performance.

Because the Technique involves the whole self, you may well, like me, experience wider therapeutic benefits including improved breathing and digestion and reduced depression and nervousness. Although, also like me, your initial reason for taking lessons is likely to be physical pain especially back pain.

I’ve been teaching the Technique for over twenty years and in my experience everyone who wants to learn it, of any age, can benefit.